SEQ Transport



Route #Route NameDirectionStop Latitudesort descendingStop Longitude
700Southport to Tweed Mall0-28.168833153.539795
700Southport to Tweed Mall0-28.168385153.537033
702Southport to Gold Coast Airport1-28.099457153.459106
702Southport to Gold Coast Airport1-28.096907153.455231
700Southport to Tweed Mall1-28.078899153.446564
700Southport to Tweed Mall1-28.075815153.445435
Surfers Paradise to Mudgeeraba1-28.074615153.38829
Surfers Paradise to Mudgeeraba1-28.074615153.38829
700Southport to Tweed Mall0-28.059601153.437592
700Southport to Tweed Mall0-28.055315153.437332
702Southport to Gold Coast Airport1-27.972134153.415558
Beenleigh line to Ferny Grove line1-27.68816153.158325
City Nightlink to Algester & Parkinson East1-27.612112153.040741
Forest Lake, Inala - City Express1-27.598803152.974945
Fortitude Valley to Hyperdome1-27.578718153.10202
Valley, City - Mt Gravatt Cent - Garden City1-27.561579153.083603
Fortitude Valley to Victoria Pt1-27.524033153.23053
Carindale Heights Cityxpress1-27.495621153.088287
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus0-27.48982153.003265
Cleveland line to Brisbane City1-27.486225153.192505
Brisbane City to Cleveland line0-27.481676153.062271
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus1-27.476864153.008209
The Gap Cityxpress1-27.471313153.023804
NightLink - Forest Lake1-27.469444153.003052
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus0-27.465717153.028427
Brisbane City to Beenleigh line0-27.465479153.019638
Brisbane City to Caboolture line1-27.465231153.019699
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus0-27.463856153.041977
Ashgrove Shops - Langlands Park1-27.463634153.011536
Ashgrove Shops - Langlands Park0-27.463568153.011688
Bracken Ridge - Cityxpress1-27.458866153.015106
Queensland Uni - City Cityxpress1-27.457064153.033112
N'Link Valley-Wynnum1-27.456602153.032532
Brisbane City to Ferny Grove line1-27.456104153.033646
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus1-27.454884153.038666
Ferny Grove line to Beenleigh line0-27.404358152.96904
City to Sandgate (NightLink)1-27.383432153.062088
Caboolture line to Ipswich line0-27.20252152.960464
605Kawana to Landsborough via Caloundra0-26.704382153.129578
605Kawana to Landsborough via Caloundra0-26.70187153.130753