SEQ Transport



Route #Route NameDirectionsort descendingStop LatitudeStop Longitude
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus0-27.452271153.038864
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus0-27.477055153.011917
Ashgrove Shops - Langlands Park0-27.47366153.018875
Fortitude Valley to Victoria Pt1-27.529646153.266968
City Nightlink to Algester & Parkinson East1-27.636898153.030701
NightLink - Forest Lake1-27.501245152.971863
Ashgrove Shops - Langlands Park1-27.453522152.988235
Fortitude Valley to Victoria Pt1-27.531479153.266876
Spine Service1-27.456602153.032532
Forest Lake, Inala - City Express1-27.457064153.033112
Fortitude Valley to Victoria Pt1-27.533699153.266708
The Gap Cityxpress1-27.458818152.999817
Fortitude Valley to Victoria Pt1-27.535786153.266541
The Gap Cityxpress1-27.459242152.998077
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus1-27.469141153.024216
Surfers Paradise to Mudgeeraba1-28.070971153.378204
Queensland Uni - City Cityxpress1-27.469191153.030304
City to Sandgate (NightLink)1-27.340393153.059174
Mitchelton - Ferny Grove1-27.456602153.032532
Bracken Ridge - Cityxpress1-27.405502153.031982
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus1-27.45219153.04863
Fortitude Valley to Hyperdome1-27.620359153.133606
Carindale Heights Cityxpress1-27.504187153.114899
Bracken Ridge - Cityxpress1-27.403233153.031479
Ashgrove Shops - Langlands Park1-27.498634153.049469
Fortitude Valley to Victoria Pt1-27.457064153.033112
Fortitude Valley to Victoria Pt1-27.525898153.268097
N'Link Valley-Wynnum1-27.481012153.022202
Bracken Ridge - Cityxpress1-27.400623153.031326