SEQ Transport



Route #Route NameDirectionsort descendingStop LatitudeStop Longitude
Caboolture line to Ipswich line0-27.230425152.975739
567Beenleigh to Ormeau via Yatala0-27.800787153.269257
706The Pines to Paradise Point0-28.099289153.458008
605Kawana to Landsborough via Caloundra0-26.734583153.129288
700Southport to Tweed Mall0-28.028511153.429626
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus0-27.456755153.034256
700Southport to Tweed Mall0-28.025669153.429001
Ferny Grove line to Beenleigh line0-27.420317152.992477
700Southport to Tweed Mall0-28.160431153.511368
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus0-27.455751153.04985
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus0-27.476702153.008194
Brisbane City to Beenleigh line0-27.481821153.023026
700Southport to Tweed Mall0-28.158606153.509277
370City - Chermside0-27.394001153.031052
Brisbane City to Cleveland line0-27.46538153.088242
370City - Chermside0-27.396029153.031219
Ashgrove Shops - Langlands Park0-27.468817153.022949
Spine Service1-27.456602153.032532
NightLink - Forest Lake1-27.486761152.991531
Ashgrove Shops - Langlands Park1-27.459345152.992828
702Southport to Gold Coast Airport1-27.9935153.42804
The Gap Cityxpress1-27.462282153.00769
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus1-27.488331153.000183
Beenleigh line to Ferny Grove line1-27.657389153.117996
Surfers Paradise to Mudgeeraba1-28.070971153.378204
The Gap Cityxpress1-27.461786153.00592
City to Sandgate (NightLink)1-27.346827153.059891
Cleveland line to Brisbane City1-27.457262153.180237
Surfers Paradise to Mudgeeraba1-28.070971153.378204
Queensland Uni - City Cityxpress1-27.457064153.033112
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus1-27.466917153.0271
Fortitude Valley to Hyperdome1-27.613638153.130188
Bracken Ridge - Cityxpress1-27.43091153.031769
Fortitude Valley to Victoria Pt1-27.524277153.260986
Carindale Heights Cityxpress1-27.506636153.107452
Bracken Ridge - Cityxpress1-27.429325153.032394
Fortitude Valley to Victoria Pt1-27.457064153.033112
700Southport to Tweed Mall1-28.10265153.46283
N'Link Valley-Wynnum1-27.47366153.018875
Bracken Ridge - Cityxpress1-27.426805153.032883
Brisbane City to Caboolture line1-27.445436153.037491
Brisbane City to Ferny Grove line1-27.435417153.029037
700Southport to Tweed Mall1-27.972134153.415558
City Nightlink to Algester & Parkinson East1-27.628855153.02916
Forest Lake, Inala - City Express1-27.625229152.960403
Ipswich line to Caboolture line1-27.609303152.789459
Brisbane City to Airport line1-27.465754153.025986
702Southport to Gold Coast Airport1-28.128651153.47757