SEQ Transport



Route #sort descendingRoute NameDirectionStop LatitudeStop Longitude
Brisbane City to Cleveland line0-27.49432153.242004
Brisbane City to Shorncliffe line1-27.382887153.07254
Northshore Hamilton to University of Queensland0-27.461201153.053421
Caboolture line to Ipswich line0-27.503101152.975937
Ashgrove Shops - Langlands Park0-27.497759153.044281
Shorncliffe line to Brisbane City0-27.429409153.040482
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus0-27.476702153.008194
Ferny Grove line to Beenleigh line0-27.604942153.091629
Ipswich line to Caboolture line1-27.311285152.989426
Teneriffe to Bulimba0-27.45035153.052246
Brisbane City to Cleveland line0-27.456152153.033783
Beenleigh line to Ferny Grove line1-27.517744153.016953
Brisbane City to Varsity Lakes line0-27.493704153.030838
Ipswich line to Caboolture line1-27.552256152.973663
City Hopper North Quay to Sydney Street1-27.465691153.033569
Cleveland line to Brisbane City1-27.49654153.040558
Airport line to Varsity Lakes line0-28.072002153.378265
Nambour line to Brisbane City0-27.082743152.953659
Ipswich line to Caboolture line1-27.609303152.789459
City Hopper Sydney St to North Quay0-27.472456153.039047
Ferny Grove line to Beenleigh line0-27.481821153.023026
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus1-27.488331153.000183
Ipswich line to Rosewood line0-27.613607152.732788
Varsity Lakes line to Brisbane City1-27.67083153.138168
Caboolture line to Ipswich line0-27.594982152.850555
University of Queensland to Northshore Hamilton1-27.440123153.062012
Ferny Grove line to Beenleigh line0-27.420317152.992477
Beenleigh line to Ferny Grove line1-27.435417153.029037
Fortitude Valley to Hyperdome0-27.645311153.176178
Caboolture line to Ipswich line0-27.407719153.05899
University of Queensland to Northshore Hamilton1-27.474787153.042191
Richlands line to Brisbane City1-27.48525152.993088
Brisbane City to Richlands line0-27.565968152.952515
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus0-27.456755153.034256
Beenleigh line to Ferny Grove line1-27.657389153.117996
Northshore Hamilton to University of Queensland0-27.490242153.003357
Caboolture line to Ipswich line0-27.230425152.975739
University of Queensland to Northshore Hamilton1-27.483213152.996811
Ashgrove Shops - Langlands Park0-27.468113153.023727
Brisbane City to Cleveland line0-27.46538153.088242
West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus1-27.466917153.0271
Cleveland line to Brisbane City1-27.457262153.180237
Northshore Hamilton to University of Queensland0-27.467089153.031219
Ipswich line to Caboolture line1-27.445436153.037491
Ashgrove Shops - Langlands Park1-27.459345152.992828
3Oxenford to Southport1-27.96529153.394562
100Forest Lake BUZ1-27.615538152.965118
100Forest Lake BUZ1-27.536657153.014297
110Inala - City Cityxpress1-27.470652153.024994
111Eight Miles Plains - City0-27.484505153.028214
111Eight Miles Plains - City1-27.497274153.039581
120Garden City - Griffith Uni - City BUZ1-27.47366153.018875
120Garden City - Griffith Uni - City BUZ1-27.531235153.045151
120Garden City - Griffith Uni - City BUZ1-27.553677153.054016
124Sunnybank, Salisbury - City1-27.511608153.031998
124Sunnybank, Salisbury - City1-27.512909153.031448
124Sunnybank, Salisbury - City1-27.514288153.030945
125Garden City, Salisbury - City1-27.550655153.064697
130Algester - City Cityxpress1-27.609833153.054764
130Algester - City Cityxpress1-27.638567153.040466
130Algester - City Cityxpress1-27.638165153.043839
130Algester - City Cityxpress1-27.546738153.064682
135Sunnybank Hills - City Cityxpress1-27.612112153.040741
140Browns Plains - City Cityxpress1-27.63773153.045059
140Browns Plains - City Cityxpress1-27.576117153.063385
150Browns Plains, Calamvale - City Cityxpress1-27.575705153.090103
150Browns Plains, Calamvale - City Cityxpress1-27.625946153.059418
170Mt Gravatt, Newnham Rd - City Cityxpress1-27.551929153.090927
175Garden City, Logan Rd - City1-27.561579153.083603
180Mansfield BUZ1-27.484413153.028397
180Mansfield BUZ1-27.555061153.098114
180Mansfield BUZ1-27.531195153.093552
196Fairfield Gardens - City - Merthyr0-27.468649153.044586
196Fairfield Gardens - City - Merthyr0-27.467279153.026413
199West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus0-27.460014153.031754
199West End - Teneriffe Ferry City Bus1-27.486336153.006302
200Carindale Heights Cityxpress1-27.496609153.050583
200Carindale Heights Cityxpress1-27.5093153.114639
204Carindale - City - Valley1-27.492954153.079636
220Wynnum Cityxpress1-27.470753153.096542
222Carindale BUZ via Stones Corner1-27.492508153.074615
235Balmoral City Bus via Thynne Road1-27.447817153.062897
235Balmoral City Bus via Thynne Road1-27.446005153.063248
250Redland Bay to Brisbane City1-27.497759153.044281
250Redland Bay to Brisbane City0-27.503984153.103073
250Redland Bay to Brisbane City1-27.609272153.293625
306Virginia to Toombul via Nundah1-27.424299153.050827
306Virginia to Toombul via Nundah1-27.425938153.050552
330Bracken Ridge - City Cityxpress1-27.320995153.027054
330Bracken Ridge - City Cityxpress1-27.446651153.029175
330Bracken Ridge - City Cityxpress1-27.38574153.031708
330Bracken Ridge - City Cityxpress1-27.383362153.029968
333Chermside - City Translink1-27.419909153.034256
340Carseldine - City Cityxpress1-27.354357153.004791
340Carseldine - City Cityxpress1-27.465855153.018341
340Carseldine - City Cityxpress1-27.400623153.031326
345Aspley - City Cityxpress1-27.465855153.018341
345Aspley - City Cityxpress1-27.404627153.008759
350Bridgeman Downs - City Cityxpress1-27.460737153.014465
375Bardon - Stafford0-27.441111153.031097
375Bardon - Stafford0-27.439438153.030701
375Bardon - Stafford0-27.437317153.031052
375Bardon - Stafford1-27.458126152.986374
375Bardon - Stafford1-27.458414152.985291
380The Gap (Hilder Road)1-27.444426152.936295
380The Gap (Hilder Road)1-27.442976152.934647
385The Gap Cityxpress1-27.445005152.934921
412Queensland Uni - City Cityxpress0-27.492397152.994705
412Queensland Uni - City Cityxpress1-27.492397152.994965
412Queensland Uni - City Cityxpress1-27.493803152.997574
425Chapel Hill - Cityxpress1-27.501789152.957626
444Moggill - Cityxpress1-27.560923152.867081
444Moggill - Cityxpress1-27.507521152.950012
450Centenary (combined) to City1-27.540882152.935379
460Inala - Forest Lake - Cityxpress1-27.557455152.933853
466Willawong - Richlands Station0-27.593765152.949966
572Springwood to Hyperdome1-27.633411153.136017
620Noosa Heads to Maroochydore1-26.471394153.09613
690Clontarf to Sandgate Station via Scarborough1-27.225378153.114746
690Clontarf to Sandgate Station via Scarborough1-27.224398153.114578
700Southport to Tweed Mall0-28.160431153.511368
700Southport to Tweed Mall0-28.158606153.509277
700Southport to Tweed Mall1-28.10265153.46283
700Southport to Tweed Mall1-27.972134153.415558
700Southport to Tweed Mall0-28.028511153.429626
700Southport to Tweed Mall0-28.025669153.429001
706The Pines to Paradise Point1-28.025459153.429306
706The Pines to Paradise Point0-28.102299153.462387
706The Pines to Paradise Point0-28.099289153.458008
709Helensvale to Pacific Fair1-27.993374153.427841
709Helensvale to Pacific Fair1-27.996056153.427475
715Helensvale station to Sea World1-27.921926153.338531
715Helensvale station to Sea World0-27.931456153.375458
745Nerang to Surfers Paradise0-28.01141153.372147
750Mudgeeraba to Sea World0-28.080162153.387527
750Mudgeeraba to Sea World1-27.977736153.428848